8 Important coronavirus awareness tips for fans


Coronavirus, a globally spread virus have now traveled to India, affecting many sectors but a big change that occurred in the cricket world is deferring IPL till April, rescheduling of IPL was done for the safety of players and fans.

However, at this moment, only the rescheduling of dates will not help. All fans need to be more precautious and keep themselves safe.

Here are some important tips for cricket lovers to keep yourself safe:
  • Follow basic hygiene
    Follow basic hygiene practices like washing hands frequently especially before every meal, wear clean clothes, carry sanitizer, trim your nails, and do not let the dirt settle in you.
    Basic hygiene will not only protect you from coronavirus or any other disease but will also help you in staying confident, attractive and presentable.
  • Avoid handshakes
    Namaste! The best way to greet a person. The culture of our country teaches us one of the best ways to greet others.
    Avoiding handshakes will help you to avoid the virus from direct contact. Even if you could not avoid handshake, wash and sanitize your hand after it.
  • Stay away from illness
    If you sense someone is ill or a person near you shows a symptom, try maintaining the distance.
    Do not come in physical contact with the person showing any basic symptoms of diseases like fever, cough, cold or any respiratory discomfort.
  • Wear mask
    Try to carry a medicated mask whenever you travel. The mask will block the virus to some extent. If you are feeling ill or feel any symptom of the disease, always wear a mask.
    Avoid public gatherings
    As the virus can spread at a very high pace, try avoiding public gatherings as much as you can. Sometimes the body does not react actively to the virus but it may get communicated to your body and may affect it.
    Even if you have to go to huge gatherings always carry your precautions along.
  • Say no to animal or seafood
    Avoid eating animal or seafood. The spread of coronavirus is believed to be from animals and therefore it is suggested to stay away from animals or seafood.
    Also, try to avoid going to animal or seafood markets.
  • Disinfect workplace and home
    Person hygiene is crucial, something more crucial then this is keeping your surroundings clean. So disinfect your home and workplace surroundings every day. Use Dettol or other disinfectants for cleaning.
  • Stay sporty
    Last but not least comes “exercise” if you are a cricket fan, play the game. It will help you to make your immunity strong and give your body stamina to fight against the disease.
  • Diet check
    Your diet plays an important role in making your body fit, avoid junk food and eat healthily. There are diets suggested especially to enhance body immunity.

Follow the tips and don’t let the virus move ahead as this is your chance to play wise and win the game.

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