You can start earning money right after reading this blog. Wanna know how?


Do you dream to play fantasy cricket like a pro? 

If your heart is shouting “YES”, and eyes are looking for the “WAYS”. Then you are at “JUST THE RIGHT PLACE”. 

The wait for your answers is over with this blog we are here to help you with all the tips to play your cards right in this fantasy world of Fancy11

Steps to get started!

Before playing the match let’s first know the steps to join the match. Here is a stepwise outline to reach your final destination of winning and earning with us.
Calm yourself, stretch up a bit, come let’s start.

Step 1. Download & Register- You can get the application by a single click.

So your question is, what will happen after the click?

This click will bring you to our site where you will be asked for your number. Once you have enrolled the number, you will receive a direct download link of the application.  

Now all you have to do is, Install the application on your mobile, register with your name and email id.

Step 2. Choose the match you want to play- You have successfully installed the application, the next thing you need to do is choose the match of your choice.

Step 3. Select players & captain- Create your own team choosing batsmen, the wicketkeeper, all-rounder, baller with given credentials. 

Once you have created the team, the next step is choosing the Captain and Vice-Captain. Don’t forget to make this decision wisely as you get 2x points for scores of caption and 1.5x points for vice-captain.

Once you create the team you have to save the team, pay, and proceed with the game. With fancy11 you can join up to 6 teams in a multi-entry contest. 

Now start enjoying the match, you can see your rank and points in real-time. Keep watching the match and stay tuned. 

The next thing you will realize is, “Woohoo!!! You have finally won, and you can easily redeem the money”.

Tips to play

Hey, now as you know how to play and earn. Let me tell you how to play smart and earn more!
Come here, I will whisper this mantra in your ear:

  1. Read and research- With the correct knowledge of your players and game you will be able to understand the pitch and analyze your team form. It will help you in building a strong team increasing your probability to win. The story doesn’t end here, since we know different players play differently according to the situations, therefore prior research will help you to connect to your team in a better way.

  1. Understand team building by understanding points- Built your team according to your points. Choose the right players depending upon the points you have. There are some players that are rated with higher points yet doesn’t play well in every situation. However, there are some players with lower point ratings and play fantabulous.
Additionally, always make precise investment focussing on young and talented players instead of just looking at their credentials. So make sure to understand the points and choose the team prudently.

  2. Invest in a single match initially- A common mistake that most people make is after playing one or two matches they invest all their money in a single match.
But what if the fortune didn’t work this time, you may end up losing all the amount you involved. So, start playing with a single match initially and then gradually move to play with more at a time. In that way, you will learn about the process to play involving a less amount. 

Learning the interphase of the application will help in the smoother gaming pattern helping you reduce the probability of high financial losses.

4. Analyze, Learn & Improvise- Analyse your game in every match and learn from your own mistakes. This will help you to improve your match and play better than before.
Make this a never-ending process, keep learning from every match you play. Try to give some time to strategize and plan for further matches accordingly. 

5. Know rules & regulations- Another important key is to gain knowledge about the rules and regulations so that you can play smart rather than hard. Also, stay refreshed with the application updates. 

6. Trust your gut- This is one of the most important tips. You have to trust yourselves, there are many players who have constant 8-9 players for every match but taking a risk in selecting the team has proven to show wonders.
So, trust your guts and rock the match!

7. Select Captain and VC- After creating your team the next task is to choose Captain and Vice-Captain for the team. You have to be very precise before taking this decision as the scores of captain will make you earn 2x points and vice-captain will increase the points to 1.5x.

Therefore, on the basis of your research and knowledge, choose the leaders of your team to earn big.

8. Refer to a friend and earn- Here is an opportunity for you to earn by sharing and referring the application to your cricket enthusiast friends and family. You will earn 50 points and use it to make a stronger team.
My opinion will always say, install the application, share it with your friends, collect points, formulate a strong team, and start to play.

Play Now

“It doesn’t matter which match you are in and when you opt to participate, all that matters is how much are you prepared to play and win”. – Fancy11

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